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Tulip Vintage Persian Rug 65" X 83"

Tulip Vintage Persian Rug 65" X 83"

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Presenting the vintage tulip Persian rug, measuring 65" X 83", with an intriguing aspect that sets it apart—the modern, beautiful, and simplistic depiction of tulips framed by various flowers. This rug stood out and earned its place in Zhia's Rug Studio collection due to its striking beauty and minimalistic design. The seamless harmony of different flower bouquets within the rug captured our admiration. The magic of Persian vintage rugs lies in their timeless designs, and upon closer inspection, one can truly appreciate their modern and contemporary appeal, making them a perfect fit for a wide range of interior designs.

At Zhia Studio, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship. Each Persian rug is meticulously hand-woven using premium wool sourced directly from our own sheep. Moreover, we use natural plant-based dyes, ensuring both beauty and sustainability in every exquisite creation.

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