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Persian Gabbeh Rug 76" X 80"

Persian Gabbeh Rug 76" X 80"

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This Persian Gabbeh, measuring 76" X 80", is a testament to the skill of Kurdish artisans from many years ago. To fully appreciate its uniqueness and beauty, let's delve into what makes a Gabbeh special. Gabbehs are thick, knotted rugs crafted in an impromptu manner, resulting in their distinct softness and thicker pile compared to regular Persian rugs. Fascinatingly, Gabbehs are made without the use of any dyes, including herbal colors, allowing the natural shades of the sheep's wool to shine through. You'll often find colors in black and white, or brown and cream, showcasing the raw beauty of the wool. For several decades, the people of Kurdistan have been producing Gabbehs, cherished for their ability to provide warmth and comfort. These rugs are a wonderful choice for a playroom rug for your newborn or child, and they also add a soft and beautiful touch to any bedroom.

At Zhia Studio, we take pride in meticulously hand-weaving all our Persian rugs using premium wool sourced from our own sheep. We ensure each rug is dyed with natural plant-based dyes, creating a harmonious fusion of nature's beauty and artistry.

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