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Patina Modern Persian Rug 116" X 167"

Patina Modern Persian Rug 116" X 167"

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This Persian rug, measuring 116" X 167", beautifully blends traditional design with a modern Patina twist. Once used in old Persian rugs, it has now been transformed into a stunning piece that truly stands out. The vibrant and regal purple color is one of the main reasons why we chose this rug for Zhia Rug Store's collection. Its eye-catching hue radiates luxury and sophistication, while the faded areas add a contemporary touch, making it a perfect fit for any space in your home.

At Zhia Studio, we take pride in meticulously hand-weaving all our Persian rugs using premium wool sourced from our own sheep. The rugs are then dyed using natural plant-based dyes, ensuring a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and exquisite craftsmanship.

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