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Magenta Modern Persian Rug

Magenta Modern Persian Rug

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While I was at art school, my fascination with the color Magenta was unparalleled! It always conjured up the image of an exceptionally stylish lady in my mind. Now, after years of curating various collections of Persian rugs for Zhia Studio, I stumbled upon this exquisite carpet, and I couldn't help but think, "Yes! This is the embodiment of a modern lady who exudes elegance, elevates any space, and captivates every eye!" If you're considering acquiring it, I wholeheartedly recommend this Persian rug crafted from luxurious wool. Its hand-knotted craftsmanship ensures the finest quality, while its contemporary design sets it apart from the rest. The color is truly one-of-a-kind, unlike anything you'll come across elsewhere! It's as if a modern lady emerged gracefully after an enchanting encounter with a traditional grandma!

At Zhia Studio, we take pride in meticulously hand-weaving all our Persian rugs using premium wool sourced from our own sheep. The rugs are dyed using natural plant-based dyes, adding to their allure and eco-friendliness.

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