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Harris Claasic Persian Rug 96" X 119"

Harris Claasic Persian Rug 96" X 119"

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Introducing the captivating Harris Persian Rug, measuring 96" X 119". What truly captivates us is its vibrant colors, skillfully inspired by traditional Persian carpets, yet seamlessly blending with contemporary design. The rug holds a special place in our hearts, especially due to its stunning and unique hues. The name "Persian carpets" stems from their connection to specific villages where the wool and sheep needed for the special dyeing process are found. The remarkable shine and beauty of this rug are attributed to the sheep grazing and growing in the mountains, while the herbs required for dyeing thrive solely in the Harris Area, making these colors truly one-of-a-kind.

Moreover, we adore the inclusion of water lilies in this rug, as they play a significant role in creating a beautiful contemporary art piece. It effortlessly complements furniture of any modern style, infusing character, and style into your home design. Styling your home with this rug will undoubtedly result in a unique and special ambiance.

At Zhia Rug Studio, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship. All our Persian rugs are meticulously hand-woven using premium wool sourced directly from our own sheep. Additionally, we use natural plant-based dyes, ensuring both beauty and sustainability.

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