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Qashqai Vintage Persian Rug 41" X 52"

Qashqai Vintage Persian Rug 41" X 52"

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Presenting our exquisite 41" X 52" Citrus Persian rug, adorned with a map and elements that trace back 350 years. This unique carpet boasts an abundance of citrus flowers and elements, earning it the name "citrus rug." The citrus motifs gracefully intertwine with water lily flowers, holding profound significance in Persian carpet symbolism. They symbolize the emergence of light from darkness and the sense of ease after overcoming hardships—a truly beautiful concept. Placing this rug in your space signifies spreading light throughout the universe, aligning perfectly with the essence of Zhia Rug Studio's philosophy. By acquiring this rug, you invite light and warmth into your home, transforming it into a genuine sanctuary.

At Zhia Studio, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship. All our Persian rugs are meticulously hand-woven using premium wool sourced directly from our own sheep. Additionally, we use natural plant-based dyes, ensuring both beauty and sustainability.

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