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Checked Modern Persian Kilim Rug 62" X 91"

Checked Modern Persian Kilim Rug 62" X 91"

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The remarkable feature of this Persian Kilim Rug lies in its seamless blend of modernity and elegance. At Zhia Studio, quality reigns supreme when it comes to Persian rugs, and we deeply value it. Ensuring high-quality rugs become a part of your home is our utmost priority. This particular rug is meticulously hand-knotted by Zhia Studio, making it a perfect addition to various areas with its dark brown and cream colors. Whether it graces your living room, dining room, nursery, or any space where your child plays, this rug fits in flawlessly. You can rest assured that the softest wool used in this rug will endure for many years to come.

At Zhia Studio, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship. Each Persian rug is meticulously hand-woven using premium wool sourced directly from our own sheep. Additionally, we use natural plant-based dyes, ensuring both beauty and sustainability.

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