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Bakhtiari Persian Kilim Rug 68"x 102"

Bakhtiari Persian Kilim Rug 68"x 102"

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Introducing our exquisite 68" x 102" Bakhtiari Persian Kilim rug, meticulously hand-knotted by Bakhtiari women in villages with great care. The colors are all naturally dyed using herbs, and the wool originates from a breed of sheep exclusively found in Bakhtiari villages. The process involves dyeing the wool after spinning it into threads, resulting in desired shades such as the Red hue from Runas and the beautiful green derived from the indigo plant, combined with yellow from saffron or other plants.

One of the captivating aspects of these carpets is the combination of water lily flowers and marvel flowers, interwoven with other patterns, creating a simplistic yet eye-catching allure. We are enamored with the carpet's charm, embracing both modernity and vibrant colors while paying homage to the patterns inspired by old Persian rugs and those found in palaces.

At Zhia Studio, we take immense pride in the craftsmanship of our Persian rugs. Each one is meticulously hand-woven using premium wool sourced directly from our sheep. Moreover, we use natural plant-based dyes, ensuring both quality and sustainability.

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