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Azeri Yellow Persian Kilim Rug 48" x 77"

Azeri Yellow Persian Kilim Rug 48" x 77"

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Presenting an exquisite Azeri Kilim Persian rug, measuring 48" x 77", meticulously crafted through needle weaving, employing warp and weft techniques.

At the heart of these kilims lies the hallmark of high-quality wool, akin to the standards adhered to in all Persian rugs at Zhia Studio. Our commitment to quality extends to the dyeing process as well, with alluring colors achieved through the use of natural herbs and organic wool.

Notably, these Persian Kilim Rugs offer a unique advantage - they are washable, a rare attribute in the realm of premium rugs. If you seek a high-quality rug that also offers the convenience of machine washability, this option stands as your ideal choice.

Delve into the vibrant yellow design of this rug, which draws inspiration from the timeless interplay of yellows in traditional rugs set against a captivating blue backdrop.

Discover the beauty, craftsmanship, and practicality that this Azeri Kilim Persian rug brings to your space. Experience the blend of history and contemporary convenience that only Zhia Studio offers.

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