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Bakhtiari Persian Kilim Rug 56" x 76"

Bakhtiari Persian Kilim Rug 56" x 76"

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Presenting our exquisite 56" x 76" Bakhtiari Persian Kilim rug, lovingly hand-knotted by talented Bakhtiari women residing in villages. The rich and vibrant colors are all derived from natural herbs, while the wool itself hails from a breed of sheep exclusive to Bakhtiari villages. Before being meticulously hand-knotted, the wool undergoes a dyeing process, yielding striking shades like the radiant orange hue from Runas and saffron.

The rug's design features a modern interpretation of the iconic cypress tree, an emblematic element found in Persian gardens. Coupled with water lily flowers, this combination embodies a widely recognized and cherished motif adorning various Persian carpets. Our designers drew inspiration from the time-honored essence of Persian carpets to create this breathtaking masterpiece, showcasing unparalleled beauty.

This awe-inspiring Persian rug is now available for purchase, gracing any area of your home with a touch of luxury and sophistication. Experience the allure of tradition and artistry with this captivating piece.

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