Vintage Persian Rug that is organic wool and has flowers and cypress tree in frames and color is red and blue or somehow pinkish a girl stand on it and wears a dress in an art store and wears BIRKENSTOCK sandals steps on Persian Vintage Rug

5 Reasons Why We Need to Buy a Persian Rug

1 - Persian Rugs are crafted from luxurious organic wool. This means they are sourced from 28 unique sheep breeds, exclusively found in specific areas where Persian rugs are created. The distinct quality of these carpets is owed to this exceptional wool.

2 - I've shared with you the significance of wool, now let's delve into the dyeing process. Did you know that even wool spinning plays a vital role in creating an authentic Persian rug? Wondering why? Well, the wool from sheep varies based on their diet and habitat. High-quality sheep typically graze in mountainous regions on natural grasses. This seemingly simple detail remarkably affects the dyeing process. If the wool isn't of top-notch quality, the colors won't adhere as they should, leading to dullness. It may seem minor, but this is a uniqueness exclusive to Persian carpets.

3 - Persian Rugs are a treat for your feet and skin. How, you ask? If you've noticed your feet getting unusually thick or rough from walking barefoot on certain rugs, it might be due to the rug's material – often synthetic and not skin-friendly. Your feet's response is a natural defense mechanism. Enter the Persian rug: an organic delight. Experience the energy flow through your body and the gentle support it provides to your soles.

4 - Each Persian rug is a labor of love, entirely handcrafted – from wool spinning and dyeing to mapping and knotting. When you invest in one, you're bringing home an artwork that radiates warmth and light, transforming your living space into a haven.

5 - A Persian rug is timeless, growing more exquisite with age. Never disposable, it evolves into an antique as the years pass, becoming more captivating with each step you take upon it.

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